VAT Compliance: Concur® Tax Assurance by VATBox


VAT Compliance: Concur® Tax Assurance by VATBox

Whether your business operates in the UK or internationally, VAT regulations are constantly changing, and reclaim processes are getting tighter, making it harder for businesses to keep up-to-date, stay compliant, and be resilient.

As tax authorities in the UK and internationally advance in digitisation of the tax reclaim, compliance risk grows as having manual processes exposes businesses to non-compliance and leaving money on the table.  

But what if you could combine leading-edge technology and global expertise in one solution that:

  • Digitalises your VAT process – no more paper-based, error-prone submissions
  • Keeps you compliant with all the changing rules – no more navigating complexity
  • Maximises your VAT recovery – putting money straight on to your bottom line

As audit exposure and digital demands increase, Concur® Tax Assurance by VATBox helps organisations comply with global tax regulations by optimising data integrity.

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VAT Compliance: Concur® Tax Assurance by VATBox

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