IDC report: Empower Organizations to Digitally Transform Their Expense, Travel, and Invoicing Processes


This whitepaper analyses the costs and benefits associated with SAP Concur solutions for expense, travel, and invoice management, including the impact on professionals in the finance, procurement, and legal departments. IDC interviewed multiple organisations using SAP Concur for their business travel, expense reporting, and/or invoicing needs.

Interviewees told IDC they realise significant business value from SAP Concur, especially increased employee productivity and business travel savings. IDC determined that these SAP Concur customers achieved benefits of $1.96 million per organisation per year ($97,447 per 100 SAP Concur users) with an ROI of 650% by: 

- Freeing up time for users who book business travel and file expense   reports.

- Increasing the productivity of back-office and support staff who need to process business travel, expense reports, and invoices.

- Helping organisations save on business travel through easier implementation and compliance with organisation travel policies.

Download the report and learn how you can digitally transform your travel, expense and invoicing process.