How Companies of All Sizes Can Make Spend Visible

Woman holding credit card

The way businesses are managing employee travel and expenses (T&E) is changing. New technologies, a world of new travel options and a more empowered workforce have transformed the playing field for the finance team – even compared to just a few years ago. During this time, the finance leader’s roles and responsibilities have also grown. They’re expected to perform traditional finance roles like managing employee expenses, as well as offer broader insights into company spend and forecasts that guide strategic business decisions.

If your business manages its travel and expense processes separately, you could be facing big blind spots that stop you getting the full picture into company spend. The majority of employee expenses come from business trips, with mileage being the most common expense type. But if you can’t see what trips your employees have planned, you won’t be able to budget for the expenses to come – let alone account for where your employees are.

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