Simplified mileage tracking with Concur Drive

Automatically capture and document mileage, enforce policy compliance, and get visibility into your organisation’s spend.

Take control of spend with automatic distance capture

When employees self-report mileage, it can lead to errors, fraud, and unnecessary costs. Concur Drive includes a business mileage tracker that automatically helps your organisation track and document distances with ease. With Concur Drive, you can:

  • Cut costs and reimburse employees accurately
  • Improve compliance and be ready for audits
  • Reduce fraud and reporting errors
  • Get visibility into every expense category

Best practices: Mileage tracking & reporting

Making business mileage tracking & expense reporting easy

Here’s how it works:

  1. In the SAP Concur mobile app, select “Mileage” and then “Auto Tracking” (You also have the option to manually start and stop distance capture)
  2. When your trip ends, select “Move to Report” to add the distance to your expense report
  3. Click “Submit Report”

Read our blog to learn more about how to capture mileage accurately to claim on expenses

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Here’s what you can do with Concur Drive

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Separate business and personal travel

Mark a drive as either business or personal and easily remove personal trips from expense reports.
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Track motion automatically with smart sensors

Smart sensors in an employee’s mobile device track when their vehicle is in motion and captures distance automatically.
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Automatically upload mileage to Concur Expense

Users can choose to automatically upload trips to Concur Expense, or you can get a reminder when a trip ends.
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Switch between automatic and manual capture

Use auto-tracking to capture driving distances, or you can choose to start and stop distance capture manually.
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Capture miles during work hours

Customise specific work hours and track vehicle starts and stops only while you're travelling for work.
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Use Concur Drive globally

Concur Drive supports 12 languages and measures distances in miles and kilometers, so you can use it around the world.

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