Intelligent integration for the intelligent enterprise

With a seamless connection to SAP ERP and S/4 HANA, IT and finance can truly help guide an intelligent enterprise.

From alignment to empowerment: How a unified IT and finance strategy sets you up for success.

69% of companies agree that it's critical for IT and finance leaders to better communicate and collaborate. When a unified expense, travel, and invoice strategy is created, 75% of companies report higher T&E tool satisfaction, thanks to improved efficiency, accuracy, and data consolidation. Get all the details from the latest Forrester report, including:

  • Aligning on what truly matters for your business
  • Working together to reduce spend

SAP systems automatically integrate with SAP Concur, so you can better manage company spend.

End-to-end, automated data synchronization between SAP Concur and your SAP business applications on SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA provides you more visibility into your employee spend. Integrating the world's most powerful solutions for spend management with your SAP business applications means you can more effortlessly and accurately manage expenses to get a complete view of your company spend in one place.

We’ve been named the market leader in travel and expense solutions by IDC.

While assessing leading SaaS and cloud-enabled T&E software solutions, SAP Concur comes out on top. “SAP Concur provides the most sophisticated travel booking applications…” according to IDC

See how successful integration of SAP Concur has led to some major success stories.


Making global improvements and driving user adoption at IBM

For IBM, upgrading to SAP Concur was all about time. Saving employees time on claiming expenses. Ensuring adoption didn’t take a lot of time. And implementing it in 100 countries in less time.


Integrating SAP systems to future-proof travel

With the SAP Concur mobile app, SAP's parent company dramatically reduced time spent on expense reporting and lowered audits from 30 minutes to just a couple, while boosting user satisfaction by 75%.


Setting an integration benchmark for JPMorgan Chase

By integrating SAP Concur, SAP Ariba, and Fieldglass, JPMorgan Chase gained a true, end-to-end picture of their global financial exposure. Plus, they set a new internal best-case implementation example.

Seamless integration with SAP systems is just one reason these are best-in-class applications.

SAP Concur solutions automatically plug into SAP systems, making it easier to control company finances.


Empower employees to easily manage expenses.

Get integrated expense data from credit cards, invoices, and receipts directly from key suppliers, so you can get better visibility into your employee spend.


All your travel. All in one place.

Give your employees top-rated mobile apps and tools, so it's easier for them to book travel the way they want, while helping finance increase compliance by driving greater adoption.

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