Case Studies

‘Killer app’ van Concur leidt tot tevreden medewerkers bij PostNL
Europese Rabobank-medewerkers enthousiast over (‘on the go’) declareren
Increased insight into spend and fast reimbursement for employees.
Concur offers a scalable platform to improve spend visibility
Cisco Systems Increases Employee Satisfaction and Improves Data Quality for Operational Excellence and Compliance
Streamlined payments have resulted in low delinquency and more accountability.
More control over budgets and employee spend. Plus improved mileage reporting.
ServiceNow Complies with Mexico Tax Regulations by Using Axosnet’s Digital Invoice Verifier
Amid rapid and massive international growth, Skype needed a scalable tool that could offer a consistent travel and expense experience. Concur automated the entire process providing an intuitive, standard solution with built-in flexibility.
Concur offers The University of Nottingham a higher degree of flexibility and efficiency
VMware, Inc. Increases Efficiency, Control and Gains a Productive Way to Manage Spend