ASICS establishes process consistency across Europe with Concur Expense Management

Digital transformation strengthens compliance, tightens accountability, and slashes reimbursement times

The race to streamline operational efficiency ASICS is a global sportswear business operating at the premium end of the market. Consumers have high expectations of ASICS’ products and performance.

The company demands the same qualities in its operations. It wants to be efficient, consistent, and streamlined in the way the business is run. ASICS Europe has teams in 18 countries and operates in multiple languages.

The business sees digital transformation as a means to standardise operations. Digital will help to establish consistent work practises across multiple territories, and eliminate manual, paper-based processes. And, for day-to-day administration tasks, it can also deliver consumer-grade experiences for employees.

Expense management is one such process. Previously managed off Excel spreadsheets, with the submission of paper receipts, the process was slow, disjointed, and dependent on too much human input.

“With more than 3,000 expenses submissions year, it was a full-time role,” says Marco Leeuw, Concur Project Manager, ASICS. “It involved physically passing piles of forms and receipts between finance and country management.”



“For the first time, we’re able to see with certainty where our employees are, and what they’re spending on. In uncertain times, this helps keep employees safe.”

Marco Leeuw, Concur Project Manager, ASICS© 



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