Simple spend management tools for manufacturers

SAP Concur provides streamlined expense, travel, and invoice solutions for manufacturers. Now you can see where every penny is being spent, while keeping your business agile and your employees moving.

Benefit from an integrated, automated workflow

SAP Concur understands the challenges manufacturers face. Wherever your employees are, however they’re spending money, we can help you to:

  • Improve productivity by automating processes
  • Manage spend without compromising on compliance
  • Protect margins and spot cost-saving opportunities
  • Scale and collaborate across multiple locations

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Avoid penalties and reclaim costs using reliable data

Compliance is crucial so avoid fines and put money back into your bottom line by using a system that follows the rules. At SAP Concur, we help you understand best practices for expense management.

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Discover a robust and reliable auditing process

To control spend and avoid fraud you need to audit employee spending. Approaches may vary, but the results are often the same – reduced inaccuracies and non-compliant payments.

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SAP Concur connects a variety of spending together in a single solution

Concur Travel and Expense

Offer mobile tools that keep employees productive and happy wherever they are. Plus, discover a more reliable, consolidated view of spend that you can act on.

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Concur Audit

In highly regulated industries, you need to ensure employees are compliant with a range of regulations both internally and externally. We can help.

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Concur Invoice

The scalable, on-demand SAP Concur platform automates invoice processing to save time and ensure suppliers are paid promptly.

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Discover a better way to handle spend management.

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Manufacturers across the globe use SAP Concur to manage their spending

Alfa Laval chose SAP Concur to save time, reduce paper and streamline their expense process from start to finish.

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Danfoss Streamlines Procurement and Expense Processes with Intelligent Spend Solutions

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