Concur Audit

Automation is just the first step. A physical review is also key to controlling T&E spend.

Take back the time your business spends reviewing expenses.

Concur checks claims against receipts and policies so you don’t have to.


Concur conducts unbiased audits on your behalf so expenses are thoroughly checked before
they are reimbursed.


Identify common areas of non-compliance and manage VAT regulations more effectively with our complete audit overview.


Get advice from our experienced audit team on how to update and manage your policies to save your business time and money.

Let Concur take the pressure off.

Cut the time your team spends checking, reviewing and editing expense claims. Concur can manage the process from start to finish. Exceptions will be flagged so employees can amend, provide additional information and then resubmit the corrected claim.

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Features of Concur Audit

Receipt Audit

Receipts must match information given in expense claims. If not, employees will need to justify or amend their claim.

Policy Audit

Policy Audit adds an additional layer of review against your corporate travel and expense policy by reviewing receipt and expense details and flagging any discrepancies.


Reports help your business identify common issues that arise during the audit process so improvements can be made.

HMRC Compliance

During the audit process, the receipt status and VAT calculations will be checked against receipts for improved tax and regulatory compliance.

VAT Reclaim

Our range of tax partners can help identify and optimise VAT reclaim on your travel and expense spend to help save money that could be lost.