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Cisco Systems Increases Employee Satisfaction and Improves Data Quality for Operational Excellence and Compliance

Cisco Systems is a worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions that enable transformational benefits for customers. Cisco was able to deploy the Concur Travel and Expense solutions in over 88 countries in less than a year bringing significant transformation and operational improvement opportunities to life.

Prior to implementation, Cisco suffered from poor user satisfaction and data quality, and it left a larger carbon footprint due to paper receipts. The ease of use of SAP Concur solutions has resulted in a significant increase in employee satisfaction with the tool among Cisco employees – Cisco reported an increase in employee satisfaction from 48 percent to 77 percent since going live in 2018. The organization also lacked visibility into supplier-direct bookings and saw inaccurate reporting of travel spending, which Concur TripLink helped solve.

Learn more in the Cisco Systems customer story video.

Culture and employees are our competitive advantage. We’re really encouraging diverse thought and perspectives throughout the innovation and delivery of our products.

– Alexandra Lopez, Chief Procurement Officer at Cisco Systems




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