On-demand webinar: Ready, Reset, Grow

It’s no secret that the covid-19 pandemic plunged the world into a deep recession as the sudden drop off in economic activity hit businesses hard in 2020. Growth is now returning. The World Bank forecasts that global economic output will expand by 4% in 2021. But what about the people and businesses behind these numbers? What are they thinking and how are organizations adapting to the new world covid has created?

To find out the answers, SAP Concur and The Economist surveyed 550 senior executives from 11 countries in December 2020 and January 2021. Watch this 17-minute webinar and you will learn:

  • Why senior executives are optimistic about the future?
  • Business priorities and technology investment for the next 12 months
  • Best practices to improve spend management and support business growth

With these insights and tips in hand, you will be able to re-exam the current spend management strategy, make sure the policies are up to date and the processes can fit with how your business are running today, and enable your organization to keep moving forward faster.