Top 5 Best Practices for T&E Compliance in 15 Minutes


Take 15 minutes to make sure you’re not taking on extra risk or leaving money on the table – like the $2.5 billion companies that aren’t reclaiming in value-added tax (VAT) each year because it seems too complicated.

We’ll simplify things with this webinar, where you’ll learn best practices on how to:

  • Independently review all expense claims.
  • Keep consistent compliance controls in place.
  • Tap into intelligent technology that can improve compliance by 44%.
  • Access the data that informs better decisions.
  • Make it easy for your employees to be compliant.

With this data in hand, you’ll get a precise view of your VAT position, you can be confident in your compliance, and you’ll be able to reclaim your share of $2.5B that gets missed each year.

You’ll also discover where compliance gaps exist and how to close them. Just fill out the form on the right to attend the session.