Nordics Business Traveler Report 2020

The current global health crisis may have upended business travel for months on end, but as restrictions are lifted, business travelers are looking to how they can best prepare to resume operations and return to the road. To capture the new normal of business travel SAP Concur surveyed 4,850 business travelers in 23 markets. The research suggests that travelers are excited to get back on the road but that they want support and solutions so they can do so safely. Below are some key findings from the report

  • 67 % of Nordics business travelers have positive feelings about resuming travel once restrictions are lifted.
  • 93% expect new norms on the road, including using hand sanitizers (46%) and travel enforced social distancing 44%
  • Over 4 in 5 say company provided training would be helpful before resuming travel.
  • 38% expect a reduced number of deals or contracts that require in person interactions to be signed.
  • 43% of travelers now say the trip itself is the most stressful stage of business travel.

Download the Nordics Business Traveler Report 2020 to learn more.