10 Benefits of Concur Expense

Hanneke van Leeuwen |

There are many reasons to consider Concur Expense, but this blog outlines a top 10 to consider right now.


  1. REDUCE COSTS. By connecting multiple sources of expense data and reducing the need for manual data entry, the cost of processing expense claims can be reduced by as much as 78% per transaction. What does a connected experience look like- why not explore our demo.
  2. IMPROVE COMPLIANCE This high on the agenda for many businesses, to avoid fines that damage your bottom line and your reputation. Using automation, policies can be easily updated and excess spend flagged, while creating a clear audit trail. What does Best in class fraud detection look like?
  3. IMPROVE DATA quality and User Satusifaction Manual data entry is slow and error prone. By using direct feeds from feeds from travel suppliers and corporate credit card providers mean improved data’s quality and user experience. How can you improve Employee Experience?
  4. APPLY RULES CONSISTENTLY Different employees have different expectations when it comes to booking travel and claiming expenses. What may have been acceptable at their previous company may not be acceptable now. Automated solutions ensure that fair and consistent rules apply to everyone and makes fraud easier to spot.
  5. INCREASE EXPENSE SPEND VISIBILITY When expenses are digital, managers can access them anywhere at any time. Finance can also see all the open but unapproved expenses in the system, giving them visibility of their upcoming cash flow.
  6. INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY The Concur mobile app enables employees to manage travel and expenses quickly and easily on the move – including photographing receipts and attaching them to their expense claim. .
  7. GET A SINGLE SOURCE OF DATA SAP Concur solutions integrate with most ERP, CRM, HR, and accounting systems. To give you a single platform that brings all spend data together
  8. SIMPLE IMPLEMENTATION Cloud solutions offer minimal implementation costs so ROI can be realised sooner.
  9. PREPARE FOR GROWTH As businesses start seeing a return to travel on the horizon, it is a great time to re-asess. Does your current expense management system deliver the agility you need and provide the cost and compliance controls that are more important that ever?
  10. Sustainable travel is possible If some good can come from the pandemic in the area of travel and expense management, perhaps that it is a chance to rethink about our impact on the planet? To make change, good data and insights are required and policy’s and tools that can nudge employee’s towards more sustainable options. Explore how Concur can help you shift to more sustainable business travel.


Automate expense management and take control of spending, no matter where it happens. Say goodbye to manual expense reporting and lost receipts with Concur Expense. Get to know more.