2022 IDC Travel and Expense Software Maturity Model

The SAP Concur organisation and IDC introduce a new Travel and Expense (T&E) Maturity Model, which helps large organisations to assess their T&E program maturity. The program maturity model discusses T&E application adoption in 5 stages:   

  • Stage 1: Legacy Applications  

  • Stage 2: Automated Point Solutions  

  • Stage 3: Connected Platform Ecosystem  

  • Stage 4: Integrated Application Suites  

  • Stage 5: Intelligent/Predictive Processes  


In each stage, IDC discusses the technology and cultural elements, highlighting the potential business challenges that organisations may encounter, impacts of the pandemic on business, and the business benefits of taking T&E program maturity to the next level. See the impact that machine learning and artificial intelligence in business are making on business efficiency and employee productivity, and get a sense of what to expect in the future. Download it today to evaluate your T&E program maturity.